Community Showcase – Coaching Fundamentals for Leaders

– Bringing the best out of people is an art — and most people go about it the wrong way! You think to yourself “Oh! I’ve seen that before. I’ll share my experience with them!” You jump in and share your ideas and off they go. The trouble is that they haven’t learned anything from the experience because they are just executing your instructions.

– A better way is to coach them to find their own answers. In practice this looks like asking insightful questions and deeply listening to the answers to help them build awareness of the situation and their options. Not only do they feel seen, heard, and validated, but you’ve put the responsibility back where it should be — on them. You help them find their own answers and get creative with how to find solutions. They own the actions because they came up with their own path forward.

– Discussing coaching models and how you might adapt them to your organisation and leadership style. You will walk away with a good understanding of coaching fundamentals that you can start practising right away.


Corey Latislaw
Day 1 - 14:10, Main Stage