Community Showcase – Beyond Tech: Influencing the Organization for Better Performance

– Hidden Opportunities Underneath Problems: Often, demands from business lines mask painful reality within an organisation. Explore the challenge, how the organisation got stuck, how it identified the issue – and the results they got.

– Conflicting Targets Leading to Analysis Paralysis: A situation where no technological solution is sufficient, discuss how recognising and addressing these conflicts at the strategic level can catalyse decisive action and clear the path for progress.

– Re-evaluating Budgeting Principles: The perception of IT as a cost centre which does not deliver enough value is always a challenge for CIO/CTO. Exploring budgeting principles that contribute to this view and the strategic adjustments that can reposition IT as a valuable, cost-effective partner in achieving business goals.


Krzysztof Daniel
Day 2 - 12:35, Main Stage