Community Showcase – Elevate Engineering Goals to your Company’s Genuine Priorities

– Making architecture or infrastructure transition, reducing technical debt, migrating the main framework – whatever the key technology priority is at the moment, it will be challenged among business objectives with direct revenue impact for time and budget allocation. The role of the CTO here is to ensure that the most vital engineering topics are addressed. 

– Drawing from our experiences at Eurowings Digital, this talk delves into the practical techniques for effectively integrating engineering goals into company strategies. From identifying key improvement areas to quantifying their impact on business outcomes, we’ll explore actionable insights to streamline the journey towards engineering excellence. 

– By adopting open prioritisation among other company needs, leveraging a ubiquitous language, tracking and explaining engineering metrics, we can drive meaningful change and innovation within an organisation.


Grygoriy Gonchar
Day 1 - 12:15, Main Stage