Dr Lee-Jon Ball

Dr Lee-Jon started his programming life around age 8, building fractal display systems, and modelling his exam questions, rather than answering them. He totally forgot about his love of computers, and tried retail, journalism and then running funk and soul, and deep house club nights. After realizing whatever he earned DJing got spent on records, and remembering he liked computers, he pivoted into a PhD on solving antibiotic interactions and unnatural DNA structures; a subject unusual enough to net him a job in Financial Services optimising their operations, processes and systems. After deciding to have a proper job fifteen years ago, Lee-Jon has focused on the interface between strategy and technology, working with companies like Kuoni, M&S, Alliants, AIG, Four Seasons Hotels, Notonthehighstreet.com. He loves making things customers rave about, recently designing and building the Spyscape attraction and experience in NYC. Who wouldn’t want to programme a laser maze? He's very recently joined Easol - a platform powering a new movement of Experience Creators globally to run and grow their experience business and is excited about how it can enable the world.

Interim CTO / Leadership Consultant

CTO Craft Con Winter 2022 - A Conference for CTOs, by CTOs
Grab a front-row seat to the most in-depth discussions of what it means to be a senior leader in a technology organisation, how to build a solid foundation with other C-level leaders, how to ensure alignment between engineering and other functions and how to keep you and your team’s skills sharp. November 14 - 16 2022
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Where: Online!
Internet Avenue
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