Community Showcase: How to talk about tech with boards that just don’t get it

Game changing technology projects proposed by CTOs are often disregarded because “the board just didn’t get it”.

Affectionately known as the “The Geek Whisperer”, Adelina Chalmers will share insights on how CTOs can secure buy-in from the CFO, CEO and Board of Directors for their proposals. Through drawing upon various case studies, Chalmers will address key challenges faced by CTOs including:

  • How to avoid the common traps CTOs fall into when seeking buy-in from the C-Suite/Board
  • Why the C-Suite and the Board ask irrelevant questions at CTOs’ tech presentations
  • How to cut the time it takes to get buy-in for projects from the C-Suite from 9 months of meetings to 1 meeting
  • What helps convey complex tech projects to a non-tech C-Suite/Board.


Adelina Chalmers
Day 1 - 15:45, Main Conference