Panel Discussion: Self Care as Technology Leaders – Building Resilience to Stress and Improving Wellbeing

  • What are the individual stressors that face CTOs, and how do they combine in a unique way in our field?
  • Best practices for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing in a high-pressure work environment
  • Building a framework to improve the resilience of our teams and ourselves through training and system configuration
  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of flexible working – how can full or partial home working improve or reduce wellbeing?
  • Understanding the importance of personal development in a fast-paced and rapidly changing industry
  • Coping during times of acute stress such as cyberattacks, outages, and layoffs


Irina Dumitrescu
Day 2 - 16:15, Main Conference
Kim Rowan
Day 2 - 16:15, Main Conference
Christian Wong
Day 2 - 16:15, Main Conference
Jamie Smith Webb
Day 2 - 16:15, Main Conference