The Schedule

Day 1

Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Time Main Conference
Keynote Fireside Chat: The CTO Journey So Far – How We Got Here, and Where Next?

In this Fireside chat Lee-Jon and Meri discuss the challenges of the CTO Role, how they’ve changed and where they think they’re going, how we can prepare ourselves for a change in role, and how we can prepare ourselves for the CTO role as we move into it

Keynote: The Failing CTO – What we can learn from others’ mistakes

Glyn Roberts is a seasoned technology professional with years of experience working with hundreds of companies at various stages of their business. During this talk, he will share practical examples that demonstrate how the absence of strategy and leadership can result in costly financial and time-related consequences for businesses. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to avoid common pitfalls and steer their organisations towards success.

Panel Discussion: Let’s Get Strategic! Stop Reacting, Start Leading
  • Start with the end in mind – defining the technology vision for the organisation
  • The key to devising and delivering a successful long term technology strategy
  • Ensuring tight linkage between technology strategy and wider business goals
  • Discover how to move beyond constant fire-fighting to achieve proactive action
  • Communicating and collaborating with other C-level executives and cross-functional teams
Presentation: Moving Fast!

In 10 years, we overhauled technology and process at Uswitch to move faster than our competitors, and the results followed. Since then, we’ve bought many businesses and are applying the same learnings to help us move quickly. This talk will cover some stories of what worked and what didn’t to provoke thought on making progress in your organisation.

Panel Discussion: Power to your People – Building a Team to Succeed
  • Top tips for leading, managing, and developing technical teams
  • Overcoming the talent trap by building and maintaining a strong talent pipeline
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development
  • How can we best instil a culture of innovation within our people?
  • The ‘new normal’ – managing remote teams and distributed workforce
Panel Discussion: Cybersecurity – Protecting the organisation’s technological assets
  • Exploring the current cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Developing and executing a cybersecurity strategy and partnering with other stakeholders
  • Worse case scenario – developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan
  • Defending data from breaches and unauthorised access
  • Protecting the organisation’s technological assets
Presentation: What do investors care about most and how to deal with it as a CTO?
  • 2023 economic context – what are the most common challenges CTO are facing – investor’s perspective 
  • Which challenges matter to investors – what are the fundamentals that should be in place
  • What to do about them.
Community Showcase: How to talk about tech with boards that just don’t get it

Game changing technology projects proposed by CTOs are often disregarded because “the board just didn’t get it”.

Affectionately known as the “The Geek Whisperer”, Adelina Chalmers will share insights on how CTOs can secure buy-in from the CFO, CEO and Board of Directors for their proposals. Through drawing upon various case studies, Chalmers will address key challenges faced by CTOs including:

  • How to avoid the common traps CTOs fall into when seeking buy-in from the C-Suite/Board
  • Why the C-Suite and the Board ask irrelevant questions at CTOs’ tech presentations
  • How to cut the time it takes to get buy-in for projects from the C-Suite from 9 months of meetings to 1 meeting
  • What helps convey complex tech projects to a non-tech C-Suite/Board.
Community Showcase: Innovating Beyond Hackathons: Building a Culture of Creativity in Your Tech Team

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful tech company, but too often it’s treated as a one-time event rather than a continuous process. Many companies rely on hackathons or other sporadic events to generate new ideas and spur innovation, but these approaches are often ineffective at producing lasting results.

In this talk, we’ll explore how to create a culture of continuous innovation in your tech team, where creativity and problem-solving are habits rather than occasional events. You’ll learn practical strategies for breaking out of the hackathon mindset and fostering creativity every day to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

Panel Discussion: Show Me The Money! Managing Technology Investment
  • Bootstrap, seed, series A-D, or IPO – Best practices for delivering value, whatever your stage 
  • Measuring bang for your buck – Assessing the ROI of technology projects and investments
  • Balancing spending between building strong foundations and delivering new features
  • Exploring the CTOs role in securing funding & investment & justifying valuation through Tech Due Diligence
  • Advocating for technology investments and initiatives and communicating the business value to non-technical colleagues