Lightning Talk: Beyond the binary – Empowering women in the tech universe

  • This session will go beyond statistics and empower the audience with actionable strategies and insights to actively contribute to reducing the gender gap in the tech industry, and support and promote women in tech
  • Women are less likely to apply for a job if they don’t tick every box on the job description, whereas men will apply even if they only meet half of the criteria – how can this be addressed?
  • Women are still the primary caregivers and benefit most from flexible and remote working. However, fully flexible cultures allow everyone to flex and experience benefits, rather than women having to ask for special ‘flexible working’ arrangements – how can you build this into your culture?
  • Having visibility of women role models in senior roles is critical. As leaders in the tech industry, we should be shining a spotlight on these people and creating pathways for more to follow in their footsteps
  • How can you ensure you and your organisation are using more gender inclusive language? I.e people say ‘female engineer’ but would never say ‘male engineer’


Jen Beattie
Day 2 - 15:00, Main Conference