Opening Keynote Presentation: Following your guiding compass – Aligning with organisational values to find purpose

  • How to find alignment between your organisational values, your values as a leader and instilling these in your teams to provide them with a sense of purpose and ensure their work feels impactful at every turn
  • How can CTOs and other tech leaders bring organisational values to life and ensure they underpin the day-to-day actions of the business?
  • Mean what you say – embedding values in decision-making
  • Approaches to integrating values into your hiring and onboarding processes, as well as performance reviews and as criteria for progression
  • The art of communicating values effectively both internally and externally
  • Standing out from the crowd – using your values to differentiate your organisation from other companies to attract the best developers to your cause
  • Evolving company, evolving values – ensuring that your values adapt and change as your company does, and that they do not weapons against innovation and DE&I


Rija Javed
Day 2 - 09:30, Main Conference