Panel Discussion: Building your management roster – Training the next generation of leaders

  • Promoting talented individual contributors (ICs) when they’re not ready – or worse, not cut out for leadership entirely – is a potential pitfall faced by even the most high-performing tech and engineering team. The wrong person, at the wrong time, can have a disastrous impact on morale, engagement and, crucially, execution
  • This session will explore how to identify potential leaders of the future and ready them for the transition in advance of their promotion, thus mitigating potential problems further down the line
  • Discussing practical examples of how to coach and guide new managers through the troublesome early days of management and ensuring they – and their new direct reports – are set up for success
  • Creating psychological safety for new leaders to make mistakes but retaining the visibility and control needed to help rectify, coach and prevent them recurring in the future. 
  • How to create appealing and effective IC roadmaps to prevent ‘management to progress’ as a default position and to play your team members to their strengths
  • Is there an argument that growing businesses rely too heavily on internal promotions, resulting in homogenous management teams, without the benefit of disruptive and alternative thoughts and approaches from outside hires with varied experiences?
  • Discussing the flipside of this challenge – how to effectively onboard new leaders and ensure they have the experience and skill set of ICs within your business to build credibility between them and their teams


Robin Smith
Day 2 - 14:15, Main Conference
Usman Bashir
Day 2 - 14:15, Main Conference
James Stanier
Day 2 - 14:15, Main Conference
Sérgio Ramos
Day 2 - 14:15, Main Conference
Dan Blundell
Day 2 - 14:15, Main Conference