Panel Discussion: Creating an environment of empowerment, psychological safety & trust to inspire commitment, motivation & high performance

  • Creating a compelling vision and purpose that resonates with your technology and engineering teams and builds emotional commitment to the organisation and mission
  • How to create a safe environment where reports feel empowered to do their best work, to overcome a fear of failure and to be bold to innovate and experiment
  • Taking a supportive, open and consultative approach to technology leadership, while retaining the ability to have candid and, at times, difficult conversations
  • How to balance the desire to have an open and transparent culture, whilst retaining the necessity of being a filter/buffer between senior leadership and your team, to protect their psychological load and enabling them to focus on their own priorities and circle of control
  • Identifying factors unique to the tech space that contribute to employee disengagement and addressing them proactively
  • Driving cross-organisation collaboration and communication and ensuring that tech and engineering teams do not act in silos but in harmony with product, data and other key functions
  • Improving Developer Experience (DevEx) to boost engagement – break down barriers and streamline work processes for enhanced engagement


Julien Lavigne du Cadet
Day 1 - 16:45, Main Conference
Lauren Langdell
Day 1 - 16:45, Main Conference
Aditi Agarwal
Day 1 - 16:45, Main Conference
Sara Stephens
Day 1 - 16:45, Main Conference
Jasper Schulte
Day 1 - 16:45, Main Conference