Panel Discussion: How to create scalable hiring processes to identify the right people at the right time for your organisation & to protect your team performance & culture

  • Recruitment is full of risks – the wrong person with the wrong skills or wrong cultural fit can have a disastrous impact on the established status quo
  • Exploring how to implement and scale effective hiring processes to ensure you make the right picks for your key roles
  • How to effectively test technical and non-technical skills during the interview process to ensure overall fit
  • Balancing short and long-term requirements – is there a time and space for interim solutions while maintaining a longer term vision? How can you plan ahead to avoid time pressures and provide you with the time and space required to identify, interview and secure the best candidates?
  • Considering the nuances in hiring for on-site, hybrid and remote roles, and how to hire across different geographical regions with different hiring practices
  • Discussing potential pitfalls in your hiring process that encourage biases and undermine DE&I efforts


Steve Wilcock
Day 2 - 11:30, Main Conference
Nasreen Abdul Jaleel
Day 2 - 11:30, Main Conference
Peter Donlon
Day 2 - 11:30, Main Conference
Sue Li
Day 2 - 11:30, Main Conference