Presentation: A human engineering approach to culture

  • Culture is human engineering in two ways. First, it’s the human side of running an engineering team, and second, it’s about engineering a return on the investment we put into our humans. It’s necessarily human-centred, and it’s commercial.
  • In this talk, Hywel will present a framework for mapping and influencing the impact of culture investment on 4 levels:
  • First, look at the individual and retention. How can they be supported to grow? What impact does investing in their growth have in terms of retention and contribution toward team goals?
  • Next, consider the team and productivity. How can a culture of learning and growth bring a team together and help them to bond while working remotely? How can a feedback culture help them to challenge and support one another to continually improve?
  • Then, consider the tech organisation and top line metrics. How can a culture of learning help all teams to pull in the same direction? Who benefits from a whole tech organisation capability strategy?
  • And finally, the company and commercial ROI. What outcomes should you expect from learning implemented at the individual, team and organisation level? How does it impact brand reputation and hiring? Is it a genuine route to doing more with less?


Hywel Carver
Day 1 - 12:10, Main Conference