Presentation: Building a solid foundation for scalable structures, processes and values

  • Drawing on his extensive experience of running engineering groups at unicorns like Twilio and, as well as a range of successful startups, Serge will share his lessons learned on how to best architect your tech and engineering function, and how he is looking to implement these lessons at carbon intelligence startup, Sylvera
  • Going beyond ‘best practices’, Serge will share his approach to moving from surviving to thriving as a startup and establishing critical foundations to enable future scalable growth
  • Also exploring how scaleups and larger organisations in the midst of growth can use this approach to identify potential scale issues ahead of time and how to get back on a positive trajectory after hitting roadblocks
  • Discussing the benefits of a ‘build and own’ approach to minimise friction, increase efficiency and develop trust, and the power of creating a data-driven, transparent and accountable engineering culture from Day 1
  • While there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all roadmap, and the final vision may differ from organisation-to-organisation, Serge will share the key jigsaw pieces you should consider implementing, realigning or re-implementing to develop a harmonious and high performing tech and engineering function


Serge Kruppa
Day 2 - 16:00, Main Conference