Presentation: Culture at scale – How to maintain, refine & improve tech team culture throughout hypergrowth

  • In this session, hear how Giorgos Ampavis has successfully led the scaling of the tech team culture at Tide from startup to one of the fastest-growing FinTech disruptors in the UK, going from 25 employees to almost 1,500 between 2017 to the present day
  • With real world examples, Giorgos will share how how he and Tide have retained positive elements of their original culture, changed some, introduced new aspects and removed others as they went through a journey of hypergrowth
  • Exploring the importance of strong and consistent values that align the tech team with the wider business, and play a critical role in all hiring decisions and help to retain the all-important ‘startup culture’
  • Discussing how culture = behaviours and how, as a servant leader, you can drive positive behaviours by making people feel safe, trusted and empowered to do their best work
  • How to practically help people grow as individuals – whether financially or in terms of experiences, impact and responsibilities – as part of a rapidly growing company


Giorgos Ampavis
Day 2 - 10:40, Main Conference