Fireside Chat: Rules of engagement! How to build, manage & maintain an engaged and motivated tech team

  • In this session, hear how Sophie Davies-Patrick has adapted Daniel Pink’s ‘autonomy, mastery and purpose’ approach from his best-selling book Drive to motivate and engage her tech teams
  • With practical insights and multiple real world examples, Sophie will share how to optimise the balance of autonomy, mastery and purpose and, crucially, how to respond when one, two or all three fall out of line to re-engage, re-motivate and empower your tech team
  • This interactive session will also explore how to exploit the opportunities that come with organisational tail winds, accelerating the three pillars, and how to manage the challenges of organisational head winds that hamper the three pillars
  • The discussion will also touch on the impact of remote and hybrid working on autonomy, mastery and purpose, as well as how to maintain the artificially high levels of engagement and motivation that occur in the first six months of a new hire’s tenure and to identify, manage and remedy any potential drop-off


Sophie Davies-Patrick
Day 1 - 16:00, Main Conference