What to expect

Over 250 tech leaders attended our first in-person CTO Craft Con in May this year, and the feedback has been exceptional.


But, ever the perfectionists, we asked for input from attendees on how we could improve future events. So, here’s a quick overview of what we’re putting in place for our November conference:


Timings: We’ve adjusted the schedule for a later start on both conference days to give you ample time to arrive and settle in comfortably. It will also allow extra time for icebreaker and networking sessions before the conference starts.


Networking: We’ll introduce more structured networking sessions and offer intimate workshops for small group discussions. This will provide you with more opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.


More talks, fewer panels: In November, we have allocated more time for punchy presentations focusing on delivering key takeaways and valuable insights that you can take back to the office.  


And this is just the start. As the event grows, we will look to implement more of your feedback to make sure we provide you with the best experience possible. 

So, what can you expect in November? 


CTO Craft Con will again unite 250 Chief Technology Officers and senior technology and engineering leaders to explore the organisational culture issues that determine their success. 


Our list of expert speakers is growing, and soon we’ll be able to communicate the full agenda of the confirmed industry leaders who will share their insights and experience with you over two days. Here’s a flavour of some of the amazing leaders speaking:

Ankur Sharma

Chief Product & Technology Officer


Nadia Alramli

VP of Engineering Hubspot

Giorgos Ampavis

VP of Engineering


Sophie Davies-Patrick

Chief Technology Officer


Dan Blundell

Director of Engineering


Sue Li

Chief Technology Officer


Jasper Schulte

Director of Engineering


Nasreen Abdul Jaleen

Chief Technology Officer

Marley Spoon

Serge Kruppa

Chief Technology Officer


Tab Ahmad

CEO & Founder


Culture and the CTO


Join us for a deep-dive exploration of cultural best practices in a dedicated and exclusive environment with your peers. Informed by our membership of over 10,000 global tech leaders, you will learn from the collective wisdom of the tech community.


Tackle your most pertinent cultural challenges with fellow tech leaders and return to the office with fresh ideas, perspectives and connections that will enable you to create a high-performing culture in your organisation.


Key themes: 

  • Psychological safety
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Conflict resolution
  • Ethics
  • Building a growth mindset
  • Developing resilience 
  • Increasing team trust
  • Good and bad conflict
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Building collaboration and teamwork
  • Dealing with different working styles
  • Remote and hybrid team cultures
  • Inter and intra-team communication

Early Bird tickets are on sale now with special pricing for CTO Craft Community Members. The Community is free to join and provides a safe space for CTOs and Technology Leaders to meet and network, share their challenges and solutions, hear from more experienced leaders and engage. If you would like to join the community and benefit from the discount click the button below.