Joshua Wöhle

Joshua has started multiple businesses, helping scale them to 150+ people and $100m+ in revenue. Today, he is CEO @ Mindstone focusing on building a platform that helps people learn faster. remember more and get things done. Previously, he was Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at SuperAwesome, the biggest kids technology company in the world, acquired by Epic Games in the summer of 2020. Before that, he was a Co-Founder & CEO @ Targetz, as well as CJ Online Works and worked for Richemont International to build their Intellectual Property database systems across multiple continents. Joshua was born in the Netherlands, attended High School in Switzerland and speaks five languages. After studying Computer Science at King's College London, he finished his MBA at the Open University and has completed MOOCs ranging from the Science of Learning to the application of Artificial Intelligence. Joshua is an EdTech enthusiast, advisor and Investor.

CEO & Co-Founder at Mindstone Learning

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