FIRESIDE CHAT: How ZOE built a happy & high-performance engineering culture

  • Underlined by a ten-page manifesto of company values, ZOE’s engineering team indexes higher than average on transparency, empowerment and approachability, and enjoys a low attrition rate.
  • How greater transparency can give engineers the additional context needed to improve their understanding of the organisation’s mission and goals, and empower them to make decisions and solve challenges that increase their own impact.
  • Remote-first is often great for inclusivity and wellbeing, but how can you ensure that you do not lose connectedness or sacrifice speed of decision-making and execution?
  • Ensuring that excellent engineering managers remain excellent engineers to retain credibility and expertise, and in order to ‘act fast’ and ‘dive deep’.

#Culture #Leadership #Wellbeing


Julien Lavigne du Cadet
Day 1 - 14:20, Main Stage
Lee-Jon Ball
Day 1 - 14:20, Main Stage