KEYNOTE: Observability is due for a version change; are you ready for it?

  • The time has come: the DevOps revolution is winding down, and we’re entering the post-DevOps era. We’re at the precipice of a massive generational shift in how we build and understand our software, and CTOs need to prepare.
  • In the past, we were only interested in basic metrics on how we operated our software: reliability, uptime, MTTR, MTTD. Observability 1.0. Companies that settle for these basic data points will not survive in this new era.
  • As engineering best practices around separating deploys from releases, testing in production, observability-driven development have become standardised, the approach to telemetry has stalled, and it’s time for a new version: Observability 2.0.
  • Learn what this new version means for your engineers, and how to embrace this breaking change to:
    • Save them from drowning in symptom-based alerting
    • Help fewer people work together to build better software
    • Create fast feedback loops throughout the entire organization through highly granular visibility into all their systems

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Day 2 - 09:30, Main Stage