LIGHTNING TALK: Influencing your fellow execs

  • Managing sideways and upwards (members of the exec team, board members) can be a demanding challenge for the leaders of tech orgs in growing startups. Andrew will talk about some of the strategies you can use to effectively influence your most senior stakeholders. 
  • What homework can you do up-front to make crises easier to deal with?
  • How can tech people make common ground with senior colleagues from non-tech disciplines?
  • What choices do you make about how you split your time and attention – and allegiance – between ‘your’ org and the exec team of which you’re a part?
  • Successfully explaining technology to non-tech stakeholders, and influencing decisions across the business, is crucial for the success of the tech org as a whole and for the career success of any tech leader.



Andrew Ellam
Day 1 - 16:35, Main Stage