LIGHTNING TALK: Do you have a minute? A better approach to feedback culture

  • Giving and receiving feedback is hard. Yet without a flow of effective feedback it’s hard to create a culture where people can learn and grow. Too often feedback is either reserved for formal reviews or when performance is already a real concern. 
  • This talk explores how to change this and establish a culture where feedback flows continuously, based on lessons learned in a tech company of 500+ people. 
  • We’ll explore the pre-conditions required for a feedback safe workplace, recipes for how to give feedback effectively and why it’s the combination of mechanisms and support that really enables continuous feedback rather than one thing in isolation. 
  • And if you’re a leader at a tech business, why effective feedback isn’t just great for individuals but also a crucial component of high-performing teams that deliver.

#Culture #Leadership


Clem Pickering
Day 2 - 15:15, Main Stage