LIGHTNING TALK: Leading with empathy: Turning good developers into great engineers

  • Why is empathy crucial in engineering and leadership?
    • Explore the fundamental importance of empathy in fostering effective communication, collaboration, and innovation within engineering teams.
  • How can CTOs advocate for empathy and educate developers on its relevance in their daily tasks?
    • Delve into strategies for CTOs to champion empathy within their organisations, providing practical examples and tools for developers to integrate empathy into their workflow.
  • In what ways does empathy shape the life of a CTO and influence their leadership decisions?
    • Examine the challenges and opportunities CTOs encounter in cultivating empathy within their teams and organisational culture.
  • How can CTOs integrate empathy into their coaching and expectations framework to drive developer growth and team success?
    • Explore techniques for CTOs to incorporate empathy into their coaching practices, empowering developers to enhance their problem-solving abilities and drive personal and professional growth.



Adam Maschek
Day 2 - 12:00, Main Stage