LIGHTNING TALKS: Why psychological safety is the key to sustainable product development

  • Join Georgina on a journey from a 19-year-old call centre agent to leading UK-wide critical programmes. Always starting and prioritising with psychological safety. 
  • In this talk, we’ll explore the transformative power of creating psychologically safe spaces within product development teams. 
  • Through a practical framework, we’ll navigate the complexities of diverse personalities, tackle collaboration challenges, and address the fine line between ambition and burnout. I’ll share some of the ugly and beautiful parts of my journey, highlighting the impact of psychological safety on outcomes. 
  • Learn how to cultivate an environment where burnout is minimised, productivity soars, and innovation becomes sustainable. 
  • Every tech leader can apply this framework starting today, making a difference to themselves and their teams ; You might already be doing some of it

#Culture #Wellbeing #Leadership


Georgina Shute
Day 2 - 14:30, Main Stage