PANEL: Challenging ways of working – Finding happiness at work

  • How can you combat stress, avoid burnout and create wellbeing-enhancing work?
  • Understanding what makes your team members tick, what they value and how you can enrich that for them
  • Creating environments where people can produce their best work in conditions that are optimal for their own personal lives and wellbeing
  • How can you lead from the front and promote positive habits in terms of working style, wellbeing and rest?
  • Leadership in action – How to lead with confidence, empathy and strength during high-stress instances: system failures, cyber attacks, failed product launches or, worse, company closures?

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Ryan Murphy
Day 2 - 16:30, Main Stage
Georgina Shute
Day 2 - 16:30, Main Stage
Liz Pope
Day 2 - 16:30, Main Stage
Lauren Langdell
Day 2 - 16:30, Main Stage