PANEL: Delivering top-to-bottom value as a tech leader

  • Businesses are complex and ever-changing, as is technological transformation, meaning that CTOs and tech leaders need to be deliberate and measured with where they spend their time (and budget!).
  • How can you ensure you are well-versed in the goals of the business, be intentional with where (and with whom) you focus your attention and deliver demonstrable ROI.
  • Strategies to identify opportunities to drive value, whether cost savings, improved efficiencies, increased revenue or product enhancements?
  • What are some effective strategies to balance hands-on/hands-off leadership and deliver consistent value to your managers and through trickle-down leadership to teams?
  • How can you work on your internal positioning and branding, to ensure you are perceived as a strategic catalyst for change and not a roadblock for innovation?

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Paul Ingles
Day 1 - 10:00, Main Stage
Ankur Sharma
Day 1 - 10:00, Main Stage
Simana Paul
Day 1 - 10:00, Main Stage
Oge Opara-Nadi
Day 1 - 10:00, Main Stage
David Mackey
Day 1 - 10:00, Main Stage