PANEL: Living by your values to build an aligned, engaged & resilient culture

  • How can tech leaders ensure that there is alignment between business values and the values of the tech team, and that those values are lived out consistently through day-to-day actions, behaviours and decision-making?
  • How should values evolve over time to ensure their relevance as businesses grow and change?
  • How can unity behind a common goal and a set of principles ensure resilience against setbacks and changes?
  • How do you ensure that value alignment is embedded in key practices such as recruitment, onboarding and managing performance and progression?
  • How to ensure that your values create a culture of psychological safety to empower and protect your team

#Culture #Leadership


Rija Javed
Day 1 - 16:50, Main Stage
Milena Nikolic
Day 1 - 16:50, Main Stage
Kari Dempsey
Day 1 - 16:50, Main Stage
Zoe Cunningham
Day 1 - 16:50, Main Stage
Niall Paterson
Day 1 - 16:50, Main Stage