PANEL: Successful OKR strategies to drive alignment & performance

  • Going beyond theory – Defining what OKRs mean for your business and the keys to success at scale.
  • How to get top-down, cross-department and bottom-up OKRs in place for true buy-in.
  • How can OKRs ensure alignment – in both values and goals – between the board, the CTO, engineering leaders and engineers, as well as other departments?
  • How do you communicate the drivers, KPIs and success factors of OKRs to your department and the business at large?
  • How have OKRs contributed towards building a more transparent, focused, motivated and high-performance engineering culture?
  • Discussing roadblocks to OKR adoption and buy-in, and how these have been tackled.

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Aditi Agarwal
Day 1 - 12:10, Main Stage
Rico Surridge
Day 1 - 12:10, Main Stage
Aaron Rice
Day 1 - 12:10, Main Stage
Julieta Suarez Ruiz de Huidobro
Day 1 - 12:10, Main Stage