PRESENTATION: A tech leader’s playbook: Galvanising product & tech organisations to deliver repeated success

  • “Working backwards” principle – cast the audience into the future, on multiple time horizons. “What does 1, 2, 5, 10 year time horizons look like for the company if we succeed?”.
  • Getting buy-in from exec leadership to the engineers on the ground – building a narrative that resonates and inspires trust and action at all levels.
  • Moving from theory to practice – lessons learned from a multiple-tenured, global engineering leader to build a repeatable tech blueprint.
  • Communicating the big picture for maximum inter and cross-departmental buy-in.
  • Ensuring that the tech roadmap and business strategy are intrinsically linked to focus the engineering team on delivering true product and commercial value.
  • Techniques for taking calculated risks and bets as a CTO – ensuring that you’re right more often than you’re wrong.

#Technology #Leadership #Culture


Crystal Hirschorn
Day 2 - 11:30, Main Stage