PRESENTATION: Buy vs. build or buy & build? – The pendulum swing of choice

  • Drawing on over 14 years’ experience from engineer to CTO at Skyscanner, Andrew will share how over time the pendulum swings between ‘buy phases’ to ‘build phases’, and how to approach reaching a ‘buy and build phase’.
  • How can you innovate but not jump from one silver bullet technology to another, or being caught up in hype cycles due to a desire to be first?
  • How can you balance innovation with the need to give products time to settle, evolve and grow?
  • How do you build a fail fast experimental culture and how can you apply that to the buy vs. build discussion?
  • What are some of the tactical steps you can take to experiment with bought solutions? Proof of concepts, one-year contracts, influencing solution providers etc.


Andrew Phillips
Day 2 - 10:30, Main Stage