PRESENTATION: Why ‘women in tech’ is not just about women in tech

  • 45% of women leave the tech industry within 8 years of joining. Through personal experiences and collated experiences of others, this session will explore why and, crucially, how you can be part of the change to prevent it from being the case.
  • Including real world examples, exploring the root causes of the challenges faced by women in tech and how addressing these will create a more inclusive tech industry – not just for women, but for all.
  • Shining a light on how women are held to superior standards in the tech industry, forcing them to strive to be a ‘superwoman’ and fight for respect and progression, and discussing how these challenges are misunderstood in a male-dominated industry.
  • By bringing everybody onto a level playing field in terms of understanding these issues, and the impact they’ve had, collectively you can contribute to change.
  • Discussing the power of diversity of thought – especially in software innovation and product development – to ensure a diversity of outcomes, and that products and solutions are representative and inclusive of the populations that they serve.
  • Exploring what it means to be an ally, how you can be one or an even better one.

#Culture #Leadership #Wellbeing


Sarah Persov
Day 1 - 15:50, Main Stage