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We’re gathering the best CTOs and thought leaders, subject matter experts and the brightest minds in engineering leadership for two afternoons of keynotes, fireside chats and talks.

Join us to hear how the most successful leaders have approached building strong relationships with other function heads and C-levels,

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Robin Sutara
Field CTO at Databricks
Smruti Patel
VP of Engineering, Apollo
CTO & Engineering Leader
Founder & CEO at Skiller Whale
Author of Dynamic Reteaming
CTO at Stack Overflow
Andy Ayim
Investor, EIR & Product Leader
Leadership & Executive Coach and Consultant
CTO Advisor and Coach at Monkey’s Thumb
Engineering Leadership Coach and Consulting CTO/VPE
Chief Operating Officer at Whereby
Charity Majors
CTO at
VP of Engineering at SoLo Funds
Head of Engineering at EY / Digital Detox
Engineering Manager at Reddit
Co-Founder at Armakuni
CTO Coach and Tech Consultant at Full Cycle Product
Mason Jones
Engineering Leader at Lattice
Christina Weiss
Product Management & Strategy Consultant
CPTO at Flash Pack
Adam Witwer
Chief Product Officer at O’Reilly Media
Chief Platform Officer at Pentalog
Abby Seneor
CTO at Citibeats
Andy Clarke
CTO & Co-Founder at Evidenced
Maya Moufarek
Coach and Growth CMO Consultant at Marketing Cube
Josh Knowles
VP of Strategy and Operations at Code Climate
Melissa Trahan
VP of People at Farewill
Adriana Villela
Senior Technical Leader at Lightstep
Leadership & Executive Coach and Consultant
Founder and Chief Coach at CTO Craft
Interim CTO / Leadership Consultant
Chief of Staff at 101 Ways
Director at Softwire
Glyn Roberts
CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt
CTO & Tech Leader
CTO Craft Con Winter 2022 - A Conference for CTOs, by CTOs
Grab a front-row seat to the most in-depth discussions of what it means to be a senior leader in a technology organisation, how to build a solid foundation with other C-level leaders, how to ensure alignment between engineering and other functions and how to keep you and your team’s skills sharp. November 14 - 16 2022
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Where: Online!
Internet Avenue
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