VP of Engineering

Elena Bladh

Throughout a decade of navigating various technology domains and industries, I’ve discovered my niche in guiding technology for SaaS product development companies forward. Holding roles as CTO and VP of engineering in unicorn-status firms offered me a unique vantage point to witness organisational shifts and drive scalable growth across the spheres of technology, product, people, and culture. My motivation stems from the learnings and innovations acquired along this journey. I thrive on coaching individuals and leaders towards discerning the common thread among these dimensions, prioritising proactively doing the right thing over fixing things reactively. During my long tenure at SaaS product companies, I’ve orchestrated the global expansion of engineering teams and fostered cultural evolution suitable for companies in their growth stages. This involved establishing new units and reshaping product roadmap strategies. Presently, my focus revolves around integrating AI advancements into our organisational fabric, harnessing its potential to elevate our products and processes company-wide.