Director of Engineering

Jon Leigh

Jon Leigh is an Engineering Director at Moneybox, a UK-based savings and investment app with over 1m customers and almost £5bn in AUA. He was part of the founding team at Moneybox and has been a driving force behind the company’s technology, including leading the design and build of their bespoke investment platform, Sycamore. This makes Moneybox one of a small number of vertically integrated investment companies in the UK.

Jon is a big proponent of Platform as a Service technologies such as Azure and Cloudflare, which Moneybox has leveraged to move quickly, building features their users love without having to worry about infrastructural concerns such as scaling, hardening or maintenance.

Additionally, Jon is a shape up practitioner and led the rollout of the methodology across Moneybox, after finding it a much needed breath of fresh air. He enjoys using the methodology, as well as other techniques, to create truly empowered engineering teams.