PANEL: Selecting the right technology for the right challenge

  • How can you and your teams keep up-to-date with the freshest technologies and tools, without falling foul of the latest fads?
  • How do you keep your engineers and developers excited about new technologies and tools, and constantly looking for new innovations opportunities?
  • What criteria should you be considering when weighing up new technology implementations and how do these criteria differ depending on whether it’s a greenfield project, a rebuild or an evolution of the existing tech stack?
  • How hands-on should CTOs be in this process and how does this evolve as companies and engineering teams grow?
  • How do you communicate with your CEO, board and investors about new technologies in a way that increases understanding, sells value and excites, while managing expectations?
  • What are the keys to success when it comes to moving from a standard client-vendor relationship to a true strategic partnership?

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Dan Lake
Day 2 - 12:15, Main Stage
Jon Leigh
Day 2 - 12:15, Main Stage
Adelina Chalmers
Day 2 - 12:15, Main Stage
Tony Butler
Day 2 - 12:15, Main Stage
Silky Vaidya
Day 2 - 12:15, Main Stage