Time Main Stage
Keynote – Sustainable Innovation and Strategic Growth: Navigating Global Tech Regulations

– Examine the differing regulatory frameworks in the USA, China, and EU, focusing on their impact on tech innovation and market entry.

– Address the costs and complexities of compliance, the dynamics of global competition, and the unique opportunities within the EU for leadership in sustainable and AI-driven markets.

– Discuss strategies for fostering a culture that supports innovation through shared values, strategic communication, and adaptable tech strategies.

– Highlight the importance of strategic alliances with institutions and companies, and the role of technology boards and centers of excellence in navigating global regulations.

Presentation – Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

– Keeping pace with rapid technological advancements and ensuring teams have the skills needed to innovate.
– Creating learning and development programs, offering time for personal development, and fostering a culture that values curiosity and experimentation.
– Continuous learning is key to innovation, employee engagement, and retaining talent in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Coffee Break

Grab a refreshment, recharge, and meet your peers in the networking area.

Panel Discussion – The New Productivity Paradigm: Balancing Output and Wellbeing

– A discussion on expanding the definition of productivity to include quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction, beyond traditional output metrics.
– Identifying key metrics that accurately reflect both the efficiency and effectiveness of tech teams, including leading indicators of wellbeing and engagement.
– Techniques for aligning productivity metrics with broader business goals, ensuring that measures of success contribute to the company’s overall strategy and values.

Presentation – Future-Proofing with GenAI: From Hype to Practical Applications

– Investigate strategies for integrating the latest GenAI into existing tech frameworks to drive innovation and experimentation in data analytics.
– Discuss how to effectively communicate the benefits and realistic expectations of GenAI projects to stakeholders, ensuring alignment and support for new initiatives.
– Examples of successful data analytics and AI projects that have capitalised on the current hype, illustrating practical applications and outcomes of GenAI technologies.

Community Showcase – Beyond Tech: Influencing the Organization for Better Performance

– Hidden Opportunities Underneath Problems: Often, demands from business lines mask painful reality within an organisation. Explore the challenge, how the organisation got stuck, how it identified the issue – and the results they got.

– Conflicting Targets Leading to Analysis Paralysis: A situation where no technological solution is sufficient, discuss how recognising and addressing these conflicts at the strategic level can catalyse decisive action and clear the path for progress.

– Re-evaluating Budgeting Principles: The perception of IT as a cost centre which does not deliver enough value is always a challenge for CIO/CTO. Exploring budgeting principles that contribute to this view and the strategic adjustments that can reposition IT as a valuable, cost-effective partner in achieving business goals.

Community Showcase – The Boss who Mistook his Job for his Life

– A boss who couldn’t let go, made impulsive decisions, painted an unrealistic picture of the business, disregarded disturbing information, and instilled false hope.

– He built delusions that kept him from accepting reality, trusted his team without clear expectations, and got frustrated when things weren’t done his way.

– This boss used to be me, and now it’s my coaching clients, who struggle with the same leadership issues, frustrating their teams and burning themselves out.

– In this talk, I will share common struggles for new managers, tools to overcome biases and delusions, and ways to accept reality and move forward before it’s too late.

Presentation – Scaling your Tech with Platformisation to Achieve Fast Flow

– Explore the concept of platformisation as a strategic approach to scaling technology operations and enhancing the flow of delivery.
– Drawing on insights from industry experts like Manuel Pais and the practical experiences at Bpifrance Digital to understand how platformisation enables seamless integration.
– Discuss actionable steps for effectively implementing a platform strategy in your organisation, aimed at reducing duplication and dependencies while empowering product teams.
– Learn about the tools and metrics that can be used to track the effectiveness and success of platformisation efforts, ensuring that the implemented strategies deliver tangible value.

Community Showcase – SPACE Metrics: How to Increase Developer Productivity Without Burning Out Your Team

– Engineering leadership is either not measuring, measuring the wrong thing, or measuring but not improving.
– Introduction to the SPACE framework to measure developer productivity holistically.
– Understand how to focus on the right set of metrics to bring awareness to what needs to be fixed in your engineering organization to improve productivity, start delivering, and increase the flow of your team.
– Discover pragmatic changes you can implement to introduce a new metrics framework into your organization.

Coffee Break

Grab a refreshment, recharge, and meet your peers in the networking area.

Presentation – Secure Horizons: Navigating Data Privacy and Compliance

– Navigate staying ahead of complex and varying global data privacy regulations, and the role of compliance in building a robust security strategy.
– Discuss the importance of investing in cybersecurity talent and technologies, and how robust frameworks can safeguard against emerging threats.
– Learn to foster a culture where every employee is aware and proactive about security, which is crucial for preventing breaches and ensuring compliance.
– Explore how to implement security measures that support rather than hinder business flexibility and innovation, especially in dynamic industries.

Panel Discussion – Navigating the Dual Role: CTPO vs. CTO

– Exploring the synergy between product vision and technological execution within the CTPO role and its potential to streamline decision-making and innovation.
– Addressing the challenges of managing dual responsibilities, from resource allocation to prioritising initiatives, and strategies for effective leadership.
– Discussing the implications of the CTPO role on team dynamics, culture, and overall business agility, and why understanding these impacts is crucial for current and


Time Main Stage
Keynote – The Future of Tech Leadership

– Adapting leadership styles to manage remote, hybrid, and international teams; leveraging technology for better communication and collaboration, and fostering innovation in a distributed workforce.
– Implementing flexible work policies, investing in technology that facilitates remote collaboration, and developing leadership training programs focused on adaptability and digital literacy.
– Effective leadership in the tech industry is critical for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace, driving innovation, and ensuring team wellbeing and productivity.

Presentation – Optimising Impact: Metrics for Developer Productivity and Performance

– Discuss how to identify and implement meaningful productivity metrics that go beyond simple code output to measure impact, efficiency, and collaboration in software development.
– Explore strategies for using productivity metrics to enhance performance without compromising team morale or stifling creativity. Includes tips for integrating feedback and fostering a positive development culture.
– Review the latest tools and technologies that can help track and analyse developer productivity, offering insights into how these can be seamlessly integrated into workflows.

Coffee Break

Grab a refreshment, recharge, and meet your peers in the networking area.

Panel Discussion – Choosing the Right Tech for the Right Reasons

– How to assess the alignment of new technologies with specific business needs and challenges, emphasising the importance of strategic fit over trend-following.
– Explore strategies to maintain a high level of engagement and innovation among technical teams, including creating an environment that encourages experimentation and rewards innovative thinking.
– Discuss methods for senior leaders to communicate the potential and practical benefits of new technologies to stakeholders, ensuring alignment with business objectives and realistic expectations.

Presentation – Facilitation: A Superpower for Engineering Leaders

– Engineering leaders are the glue that holds teams and projects together. Yet many struggle to foster true collaboration and engagement.
– This presentation explores the art of facilitation as an essential skill for today’s engineering leaders, transforming the way we lead our teams as servant leaders.
– We will discuss specific examples of workshops and participative meetings that you can use to make your own collaborative efforts more successful.

Community Showcase – Elevate Engineering Goals to your Company’s Genuine Priorities

– Making architecture or infrastructure transition, reducing technical debt, migrating the main framework – whatever the key technology priority is at the moment, it will be challenged among business objectives with direct revenue impact for time and budget allocation. The role of the CTO here is to ensure that the most vital engineering topics are addressed. 

– Drawing from our experiences at Eurowings Digital, this talk delves into the practical techniques for effectively integrating engineering goals into company strategies. From identifying key improvement areas to quantifying their impact on business outcomes, we’ll explore actionable insights to streamline the journey towards engineering excellence. 

– By adopting open prioritisation among other company needs, leveraging a ubiquitous language, tracking and explaining engineering metrics, we can drive meaningful change and innovation within an organisation.

Presentation – The Role of AI in Shaping Future Workplaces

– Balancing the benefits of AI automation with the potential for job displacement.
– Investing in workforce reskilling and upskilling, developing ethical AI guidelines, and involving diverse stakeholders in AI development.
– AI will significantly impact the future of work, making it crucial to prepare for changes in job roles and skills requirements.

Community Showcase – Coaching Fundamentals for Leaders

– Bringing the best out of people is an art — and most people go about it the wrong way! You think to yourself “Oh! I’ve seen that before. I’ll share my experience with them!” You jump in and share your ideas and off they go. The trouble is that they haven’t learned anything from the experience because they are just executing your instructions.

– A better way is to coach them to find their own answers. In practice this looks like asking insightful questions and deeply listening to the answers to help them build awareness of the situation and their options. Not only do they feel seen, heard, and validated, but you’ve put the responsibility back where it should be — on them. You help them find their own answers and get creative with how to find solutions. They own the actions because they came up with their own path forward.

– Discussing coaching models and how you might adapt them to your organisation and leadership style. You will walk away with a good understanding of coaching fundamentals that you can start practising right away.

Coffee Break

Grab a refreshment, recharge, and meet your peers in the networking area.

Presentation – From Setback to Comeback: Leading with Resilience in Tech

– Understand how to deal with sudden challenges, including quick decision-making processes, effective communication strategies, and maintaining team morale.
– Review the importance of creating an environment where failures are openly discussed and learned from, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement, and how such a culture can be developed and sustained.
– Explore the critical role of leadership in modelling resilience, encouraging open dialogue about failures, and leading by example to foster a culture of trust and continuous learning.

Community Showcase – Operationalising Green IT – Less Esoteric, More Measurable Goal Accomplishment

– According to Intel’s “Introducing the Sustainable CTO” study, 4/5 CTOs are concerned with sustainability this year and Gartner also identifies “Sustainable Technology” as one of the top 3 strategic technology trends for 2024.

– Learn how to make sustainability a fundamental requirement in your IT strategy. Although the necessary knowledge for more sustainability in IT is available, the challenge lies in the practical implementation. 

– Explore proven measures that promote a high level of acceptance for green IT initiatives and shows how these initiatives can contribute directly to organisational goals. 

– Find out why many Green IT initiatives are currently still struggling to contribute effectively to the achievement of company goals. Participants will learn how to effectively upskill employees and which strategic pitfalls often lead to the failure of green IT initiatives. Green IT must not be viewed in isolation from other company activities, but must be holistically integrated into existing processes, roles and responsibilities.

Panel Discussion – Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities

– Overcoming communication barriers and cultural differences to harness the creativity and innovation that diverse teams bring.
– Implementing diversity and inclusion training, fostering an inclusive company culture, and leveraging technology to facilitate communication across different time zones and languages.
– Diverse and inclusive teams have been shown to be more innovative and effective, making cross-cultural collaboration essential for global competitiveness.